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Guidance for Activities

A guide on how to use the escape room activities

Every themed activity pack will come with full instructions for how to set up the escape room! There will also be a step-by-step guide to show you how the activity is completed. Also included is a 'Setting the Scene' video to give context of the theme and explain to children what their task is. 

It is recommended that children should be in groups of 3 - 8 for the activities. You could repeat the activity for different groups or have it running simultaneously in different rooms for a whole class or larger group of children.

Each activity pack includes a list of resources you will need. Some of these things are essential and some you may choose to adapt to your needs. For example, instead of using combination locks, you may choose to use electronic devices with numerical passwords or just decide that participants should read you the code and you will then give them the next clue. For a list of some recommended products to use alongside the activities, click here.

For classroom use, there is also a review sheet for children to reflect on what they have learned during the escape room activity as well as the skills they have developed throughout.


If you have any questions based on how to use an individual activity pack, please get in touch.

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