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About Us

Hi everyone, 

Thank you for visiting my site!

My name is Sophie Roberts and I am the owner of 'Explore the Room'. 

I have a degree in Primary Education with QTS and have worked as a Primary School teacher. During my first year of teaching, for my final NQT lesson observation, I was asked to 'Wow' the deputy head and push myself out of my comfort zone. I decided to create an escape room activity for my fabulous Year 4 children and they absolutely LOVED it!

It inspired all of my pupils and it inspired me. Seeing their faces light up and hearing them tell their parents about it for weeks was such a joy to me as a teacher. It was evident that they really consolidated their learning as well as practising loads of other important skills too! 

Since then, I have been keen to offer this experience to other teachers and their students in line with popular topics taught across schools... and that's how Explore the Room was born!

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